What Makes a Great Employee? The Answer May Surprise You


When you started your business, you were in control of everything each day. As the business began to grow, you had to hire people. You probably went through a few before you hired your current team. If I were to ask you to rank them A-B-C, I bet not everyone would be an A or B.

Really, your business is your people. They are the ones facing your clients daily. If I were to ask you to define the qualities or skills you want in a technician or call taker, you would probably create a list like the one below. The employee should…

  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Show up on time
  • Know directions and the area we live in
  • Be prepared to work overtime
  • Willingly work standby
  • Work well with their fellow employees
  • Go the extra mile for clients
  • Be technically competent
  • Have legible hand writing
  • Willing to learn

If you agree that this would describe a great employee, or if you create a list that is similar, you’ll find that the qualities you’re looking for are not based on technical aptitude – they’re based on attitude. We hire for aptitude but we fire for attitude. Consider reversing this and you will find yourself with more A and B employees – which will make your life easier!

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