Three Steps to Find and Keep Great Employees: Train, Reward, and Recognize


Each week we hear from contractors across Canada. One of the most common themes is “I can’t find good people.” Or I have to do it all myself if I want it done right, my employees get it wrong”.

I answer this by telling the contractor to take a good hard look in the mirror to find their problem. You see, there are many great employees around, the real question is, are there great employers around?

Some make take offense to this, but sadly the truth hurts. To attract good employees you have to be willing to let them do their jobs without interfering. You have to lead and provide them with opportunity to grow.

A contractor once mentioned told me, I have trained all my competitors, employees use me for training and then leave to compete against me. He was frustrated with the trade. What if I train and they leave he asked, I responded, what if you don’t train and they stay?

How much is your training budget for 2013? Do you consider training an expense or an investment. Good employees identify training as one of their greatest motivators.

Here are your Three Steps to Great Employees:
1. Train, Train, Train!
2. Reward your Team with responsibility!
3. Simply tell your team, “Thank You” on a regular basis!

When you focus on developing your people you will find less that your company is more desirable and great employees will begin to seek you out.

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Yours for Great Employees


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